Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can't Help It If I Wanna Kiss You In The Rain...

"Where are you taking me, Virat? And, I've been wearing this sleep mask for hours!" said Diya, exasperated.

It was a late winter night and they were in a private, chauffeur-driven, black Mercedes which was taking them to a destination that was a surprise for her.

"The flight was of forty minutes and we've been in this car for only ten minutes. Clearly, not even one hour has passed! You exaggerate a lot, Diya." Virat rolled his eyes, laughing.

She punched whatever part of his body she could blindly reach.

"And, I can barely hear what you're saying. Also, why am I wearing these earphones, again?" she fretted, trying to remove them.

"Oh, don't be ridiculous. You need to listen to some soothing music, Miss Psycho." he joked, pulling away her hands from the earphones. "Just trust me." he kissed her forehead.

It was almost midnight when Diya and Virat reached a tastefully decorated apartment after an actual hour.

"It's getting on my nerves now, Virat. This isn't funny." she said, unaware of where they were and why.

"It isn't supposed to be funny, love." he whispered softly.

He made her sit on a beige couch in the bedroom and opened the french window leading to a huge balcony.

"Can I stop this music, please? My head will start aching. Don't complain then and I won't let you fuss over me." she pouted, her arms across her chest.

"Don't open your eyes." she felt his warm breath on her right ear and a shudder ran down her spine.

She let out a huge breath of relief when he gently slipped off the sleep mask, making him laugh.

"If you cheat-" he began.

"I won't!" she cried before he could get all the words out of his mouth.

"Good." she felt his fingers linger on her neck before removing the earphones.

"Really?" she questioned, miffed, when he placed his hands firmly on her ears, shutting out only infinitesimally less 'natural music' than the earphones.

"Yeah." he said and she could see his sexy half-smile in her mind which was exactly his expression at that moment.

She just harrumphed in reply.

"Come." he guided her, carefully, still covering her ears.

"See, and hear." he said in his husky voice as he removed his hands from her ears and placed them gently around her waist.

She opened her eyes quickly and looked around.

They were standing in the balcony, dimly and beautifully lit by little aromatic votive candles, their flames dancing in the cold wind that was blowing.

He held out his hand, wordlessly and they quietly walked further towards the centre, beneath the velvety black sky. It was drizzling making her body tingle. Her just-back-to-work eyes hadn't noticed the rain before.

"Virat-" she began.

"Happy birthday, beautiful." he smiled his heart-melting smile.

Cupping her face in his warm, wet hands, he kissed her.

Even as they stood there, kissing, clouds thundered loudly and it started raining heavily.

Diya clung to Virat, her arms knot tightly in his hair; his arms snaked around her waist, pulling her as close to himself as possible.

She was reminded of a conversation with Virat that had taken place a couple of months ago. He had been out of town on the only day that it had rained there in the last two months and she had expressed her wish,

"I've heard so much about kisses in the rain. I wish I could kiss you in the pouring rain. I want to be kissed in the pouring rain..." she had said, disappointment and longing coloring her tone.

Virat could feel her smile as they kissed.

"You brought me to another city just for this?" she spoke, inches away from his glorious face, her eyes shining with tears of joy.

"It took a lot of planning," he laughed, "I've been following the weather forecasts of everywhere so damn minutely. And, then there's always the risk involved of the forecast being wrong. I am glad it did not happen this time, else, I would've looked like an idiot."

"What if it hadn't rained?" she asked playfully, still in his arms, both of them still getting drenched.

"I'd have kissed you anyway and hoped for the best." he grinned.

"This is the best." she stated, her head against his chest.

"Yes, I could've asked for no better day than your birthday." he smiled, rubbing her back.

"I love you." she whispered, gazing into his brilliant dark eyes.

"I'll always be there to fulfil all your wishes." he said simply, kissing the top of her head.

"And, when I have no more wishes?" she pouted.

"Silly, you always have more and more wishes." he chuckled.

"Can't you just play along?" she gave him a look that was akin to a child's whom someone refuses to humor.

"You're cute." he said, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"Nevertheless," he began when she tried to push him away, pouting for not being answered, "I love you and I will always be there for you, I will always be there with you." he pulled her close, again.

She beamed and mussing his wet hair, kissed him lovingly.