Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Still Feel You Like I'm Right Beside You

It was a gray winter evening. She held the coffee mug firmly with both her hands, deriving warmth, as she looked out the open window, not really seeing the present.

"But your mug is empty, Aunt." stated Maggie, as she settled close to her aunt, with her own cup of hot chocolate.

"Yes, dear, like my life. But, it's full of your Uncle's memories, again, like my life." she smiled gently at her niece.

Her husband had passed away, nearly ten years ago, in a fire that had consumed their home and her life. All their worldly possessions and her world, had perished; save this coffee mug that belonged to him. She had found it amongst the charred remains, a little chipped but somehow, basically intact.

It was the only tangible memory she had of him now, the only material thing which held all the other memories, the only physical connection to her past.